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Farm to Table Restaurants in Tupelo MS

farm to table restaurants in tupelo ms

Diners in Tupelo, MS, really appreciate a nice farm to table restaurant but not the ones with the fancy white tablecloths and snooty waiters.

Southern Craft Stove + Tap takes a different approach. With a laid-back atmosphere, we turn our passion for healthy Southern food into farm to table dishes that enrich the Tupelo community.

Enjoy a Southern Take on Farm to Table Restaurants

The farm to table concept promotes serving locally produced foods, not something trucked in from the other side of the country. Ingredients come from a restaurant’s garden or local growers, farmer’s markets, co-ops, or other local providers.

At Southern Craft, our fried green tomatoes taste like the ones in your backyard. The shrimp in The Gulf pizza come only from Mississippi gulf waters. Where else can you find fresh Mississippi gulf shrimp in a pizza in Tupelo?

Only Southern Craft adds locally grown turnip greens and homemade pimento cheese to spice up the traditional artichoke dip appetizer.

Healthy, Fresh, Unprocessed - the Key to Good Food

Just because a restaurant says “farm to table” doesn’t mean the concept goes beyond marketing.

At Southern Craft, we only use fresh, natural, and locally sourced ingredients, wherever possible, in creating dishes for our guests. Serving healthy food builds a healthy community, and providing our community with nutritious food gets us up in the morning.

Traditional cooking methods infuse our food with an authenticity that goes beyond just using locally sourced ingredients. We cook as your grandma did, or your grandma’s grandma.

Taking the time to prepare meals with care brings another dimension to our cuisine. No fast food here or a plate dashed off just to get it out of the kitchen. We understand that quality takes time and attention.

Supporting Tupelo with Your New Favorite Place to Eat

While farm to table started as a trend, it has become mainstream in many large cities throughout the country. However, in smaller cities and towns, finding fresh, unprocessed food in a place to eat near you is still tricky.

Tupelo supports high-quality, local food served in down-to-earth surroundings. Southern Craft brings another alternative to this growing city.

Eat well while supporting your local business owners and farmers, including local craft brewers. Come in for a pint and enjoy one of our daily specials.

Craft is in our name because it is our passion. Our high-quality meals are prepared with traditional cooking methods. Be assured that your food will be both healthy and delicious.

At Southern Craft, we pride ourselves on being more than just a great restaurant. We want to create a welcoming environment of love and care that appeals to the entire family.

ABOUT Southern Craft Stove + Tap

In 2017, Southern Craft Stove + Tap started in Oxford, MS, cultivating an atmosphere the whole family can enjoy. We offer a high-quality selection of cuisine and libations unique to both Oxford and Tupelo.

We are family-friendly, and both our locations have private dining spaces for large groups and events.

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